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Click any location, when yer character runs to it, press rest, it will slide there and stop there, but when yer sliding, click another location and yer character will slide to there too.

Fast questing:

When you get a quest dont close down the quest window, instead let it be. then go do your quest. after that you can just click turn in as normal and then take quest again while staying at quest spot!

Pirate farming:

Go to the pirate ship and take the quest silver treauser and leave the quest window open go kill sharky and u will get 85 gold u will also get a key use the key to unlock the chest behind sharky and u will get 200 gold and 200 exp and do it again but make sure to accept the quest to.

Easy money:

In noobshire complete roliths first quest.Then the second quest is get 6 rats that golden.You dont have to do any battles so its easy 100exp and 100 gold in hour you could have tons.


Type these in your chat box:

/fei gn

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