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Battle the inn keeper:

Go in the mouse hole by drinking the potion and then kill the monster to get to a kitten and kill it then you will fight him.

Change name / stats down:

to change your name or put your stats down die.
then when the reeper comes up click the hourglass on the bottom of his robe he will give you a walk around quest. on it go into the purple swirly thing.
If you are in a graveyard click the gravestone.
a guy come up and you have to lose the battle to lower your stat. if twilly comes up then you can change your name. sometimes other stuff might come up just go along with it and then try again.

Domain of Dead:

If you die a couple of times and you see the Grim you will see a small time glass, click on it and the grim will say you owe me some favors and then you will have to get a time glass ten times.

Get a dragon pet ( Gaurdians Only):

Go to the guardian tower and click on the right hall. Then click on the statue of a dragon. Then a scroll thing will appear and at the bottom of the scroll it will say 'sparky' the dragon. Click on sparky the dragon and he will join you on your quest.
(Note: Once you logoff sparky will no longer be with you)

Get Alot Of LEVELS!!!:

Basicly what you do to is to start the war on DRAGONS!!!

1. Click the news button.
2. Click 'Let me do it'.
3. Click 'TO WAR'
4. Open the chest. (now the Dragon Slayer will battle with you.
5. Battle Dragons!!!

Tip: Be at lvl 25 before doing this you will stand a better chance.

Get Alot Of MONEY!!!:

If you want to get alot of money, go do classes and quests. Expecally do Fighters, Rouge, and Paladin classes.

Get horses and unicorns (Gaurdians Only):

Go to the guardian tower and click on the right hall. Click on one of the horses you see. It will say horse riding armor, unicorn riding armor etc.

Guest Pet Moglin:

To get a guest pet moglin, go to a monster hunt and click on the moglin and answer his question with 'I'm coming with you>', then just go battle someone and he will be by you until you log off or get a new guest pet.

Item Limit Break:

Do you know how to get over 99 potions? Just try hard to get in the door that the al Bhed do not let you in. At the beginning of the game you can get in and you can get up to 999 potions.

Mouse Hole:

Go to Yulgar's Inn and click the more button & you will see two people and a shelf with a potion click the potion and drink it & you will shrink to a size of a mouse and go inside a mouse hole

Pet Rock:

Go to Warlic's magic shop. Click the candle in the top left and drag it to the chest and you will get the pet rock. He does earth damage, and if you give it to Valencia, she will give you a travel pass.


To find the secret pit go to Battleon and click around on the ground in front of Yulgar's Inn. The crusor will change to a hand when you find it. Then just click.

Pit, Pet Bat, and Pet Rock locations
1. The pit can be located by clicking below Yulgars inn.

2. In the guardian tower armous room click on the armour in the top left corner to receive a pet bat.

3. To receive a pet rock grab a candle in Warlics shop and move it over the chest.
On Tuesdays you can give the pet rock to Valencia for free travel passes.

Some Useful Tips/Observations:

1. In the Vampire Slayer and Dragon Slayer class to get a score of 70-90 on the stat roller wait ten seconds before rolling.

2. To get in the mouse hole click on the purple potion on the shelf.

3. To get a pet bat click on the armour in the top right hand corner in the left
room of the guardians tower.

4. To get a pet rock grab a candle in Warlics shop and move it over the treasure

5. If you take the rock to Valencia you get travel passes.

6. Click under Yulgars inn to get into the pit.

7. In Bludrut keep to get from floor 1 to floor 2 click on the carpet.
To get from floor 2-3: A book in the book shelf opens the next door.
3-4: The metal grate...

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