Backyard Football 2002 žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


If you enter in MRCLANKEY as your coach name you'll
have the practice robots as you team.

Joe Montana:

On the player selection screen type in ''JOEY'' and
the transperent kid will now have a 49ers helmet and
jersey,named ''Joe'' ,and will have the best QB stats
in the game.

Walter Payton:

On the player selection screen type in ''SWEETNESS''.
Now the tranperent kid will have a Bears helmet and
jersey,will be named ''Payton'',and will have the best
RB stats in the game.

Easy touchdown:

Select Rich Gannon as your QB, Pete Wheeler as your RB, and any wide
receivers of your
choice. On offense, select #1 and choose 'Outside Handoff'. Give the ball to
Pete Wheeler
and have him run it up the sidelines. About 95% of the time, he will break
away for a TD if
you use it all four downs.

Get two receivers on each side. Make one do a slant route and one a fly.
The one doing the slant will be wide open.

Recommended team:

Choose the following players:
Drew Bledsoe: QB
Pablo Sanchez: RB
Junior Seau: Blocker
Vikki K.: WR

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