Battalion Nemesis žaidimo kodai

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Flash Game Hints:

* Don’t move around in 'blindfold', just wait for them to come to you and use your rocket truck!

* It will take time to get familiar with Battalion Nemesis, go through the boot camp missions first. Learn the right strategy and you will go far.

Level 6:

* It's an ambush, they're going to come to you
* Look at the landscape. Tanks can't cross mountains. You have a rocket launcher that needs defending. Do you notice anyplace that's hard to attack?
* Invisible tanks still follow tank rules, they can't move after they attack. But you can only see them when you have a unit next to them.
* Park the rocket launcher where there are mountains on three sides.
Put a tank on the fourth side and don't move it.
* Send out one or two units to 'scout' for tanks. If you find some, hit them with the rocket launcher or the other tanks.
* They should run out of tanks before you do. Don't extend too far from your 'base'.

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