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WalkingIsWayTooTiresome - Spawn at the the location of the camera (this command may crash the game).
BotsCanCheatToo - Bots will cheat. I've seen tanks go faster than usual, troops disappear under the ground, tanks strafe...
TheAllSeeingEyeOfTheAIProgrammer - Toggles AIStats.
Jonathan.Gustavsson - Kills all enemy bots for a short while.
Tobias.Karlsson - God mode.


NOTE: The codes are tested in 1.1 retail. They do not, will not, cannot work in
multi-player (not even coop with bots)! Beware that some of these commands are
unstable as I mentioned above. It is important that you spell the codes exactly
as written, they are case sensitive and getting it wrong brings your team to 1
ticket ;-). Also note that the developers were bastards -- using the cheats
causes a 'penalty' to be paid. For example, using godmode results in 60-70% of
your tickets 'disappearing'. But this is better than nothing, right?

Good combo:

If you are playing coop with 2 people have 1 be anti-tank and the other
medic this way you have a good chance surviving most attacks

Capture the flag (tip):

When your ally has captured the flag fly very close to the carrier if he
presses 'E' at the right time he can get into the plane and then just fly him back

Easy plane fly:

message: When you fly a plane you have to use the mouse to aim your flight
if you change the controls from using the mouse to using the
directional-arrows instead you fly alot easier


message: Some funny things to do, is if you take a jeep, you can drive on
people! It's kind of funny becaus they stay on the motor!
2. If you drive a plane, if you are over the water(land OK too), you can press
Enter/exit vehicle button and you will fall down and scream: Shiranimo!
Then you die, of course, you won't survive the fall from a higher place. Good luck!


This one takes some teamwork and coordination, but you'll be cooler
than Maverick and Goose if you can pull it off. Have one player snag
a two-seater aircraft and take off flying solo.
Now position a friend high upon a hilltop or in a wide clearing, and
get ready to have him jump into your aircraft for a quick evacuation!
Here's how you do it: the pilot needs to fly slow, steady, and directly
at the player on the ground -- be as close to his elevation as possible
without actually turning him into ground chuck as you pass overhead.
At the key moment that the aircraft meets the player, the grounded solider
can quickly hit the 'E' key to hop into the cockpit and be whisked away into
the clouds. Use this one to rescue a wounded teammate in a hot zone, or
deploy a comrade as a paratrooper deep behind enemy lines.
Just be sure to practice this one before you try it out in a live match --
a plane-to-player collision is quite an ugly sight and really hurts the
team score.

The Healing Dead:

If you're out in the field and hurting for ammo or health with no hope of reaching
one of those handy dandy bunkers, just take a look around you. If there was a
firefight recently, chances are some people recently died. And as you should know,
players leave their equipment behind on the ground when they fade away. You should
also be aware that you can pick up any of these packs for yourself. So if you notice
a medic pack on the ground, switch out really quick and use the health packs.
After that it's up to you whether you want to change back into your former gear.
The same goes for running low on ammo. There's nothing worse than getting stuck with
a pistol in the middle of a machine gun fight. So if you're out, find a dead guy and
steal his stuff. If you're lucky, he'll have some ammo left on him and you'll be back
in business.

Explosive Jeeps:

The Engineer's most powerful weapons are the Explosive Packs, but it's
tough getting them close enough to the target to do any damage. Here's
a useful trick: use a jeep to deliver the payload. Grab a jeep (the Axis
jeeps work best, since they have a deep back seat and tall sides) and throw
a couple of expacks in the back or passenger seat. If they're placed well,
they'll stay in as you drive towards the target. When you see a target,
'ghost-drive' the jeep close to it -- i.e., point it in the right direction,
floor it, and then hop out with the E button, so the jeep coasts close to the
target. If you time this right, you'll be out of range of the explosives and
the jeep will be right next to the target. Then, hit the button and watch the
fireworks. This is a great way to take out tanks, APCs, and closely-packed
groups of enemies. Try coasting exploding jeeps into the middle of enemy spawn
bases to do serious damage.

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