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Pastaba: reikės paredaguoti žaidimo failą, todėl susikurkite žaidimo folderyje esančio 'defuser.ini' failo kopiją.

Tada su teksto redaktoriumi atsidarykite 'defuser.ini' failą ir susikurkite mygtukų nurodymus.
Pvz: 'F10=fly', 'F9=god'.

Žaidimo metu paspaudus tuos mygtukus, suveiks ir kodas.

Dievo režimas - god
Ėjimas kiaurai sienas - ghost
Skraidymas - fly
Išjungia fly ir ghost kodus - walk
Teleportas į kursoriaus rodomą vietą - teleport


Save game recommendation:

After becoming a Big Daddy, make a new saved game. At this point you are near the end of the game. If you missed something you can go to the bathysphere and explore Rapture again, but also you are a Big Daddy now
so the splicers will not harm you, security cameras will not set off alarms, etc.

Defeating security robots:

If you are up against a stationary security robot (RPG, etc.), use Telekenesis to grab a crate or pallet. Hold it in front of you until you can find a place to hide and plan what to do next. The item you hold up will block some attacks.

Restore hacked robot's health:

After hacking a robot, it will begin firing at your enemies. If the robot gets hit it will begin to lose health, catch on fire, and eventually blow up. To stop this from happening, deactivate the robot, then reactivate it a few seconds later. This should make the robot have full health again.

Defeating Atlas Fontaine:

This is the final Boss and he has three different styles of attacks:. Flame Plasmid Form, Ice Plasmid Form, and Electric Plasmid Form. The easiest way to defeat him in the first part is to use your Ice Plasmid and freeze him.
Then, switch to your Telekinesis Plasmid. Grab an explosive tank and throw it at him. Also, if desired, just use your telekinesis.
He is very predictable if you are far away from him. Wait for him to throw a fire ball at you then move out of the way. He will continue to run past you. Use this chance to fire the machine gun, which does the most damage
to him. Once he goes back to his chamber to gain his life back, change to the Flame Plasmid and get ready for some bots. Once he starts his routine of fire and run, blast again him with the Flame Plasmid .
The more you blast him, the faster he loses life. Continue to use the machine gun while he is aflame. He will now go back to his chamber one last time. He now has electrical powers. Keep your Flame Plasmid ready.
This time, shoot him with the Flame Plasmid and he will run for the water.
Once he jumps in the water and comes back out, hit him with it again. Be aware that there are splicers all over as well. Also set them ablaze to get some extra life. There are many different ways to defeat him but this seemed to be the easiest.

Defeating Rosies:

When fighting a Rosie, use armor piercing rounds from the machine gun or pistol. For a more effective way of killing, launch frag grenades and run out a door. The Rosie will follow you, fire proximity mines at the door,
and when it walks through it will be damaged or destroyed.

Weapon Upgrade Station locations:

1 - In Peach Wilkins' hideout (Neptune's Bounty), bottom floor. As soon as you come downstairs it is directly in front of you.
2 - On the way to Farmer's Market in Arcadia, the station is located to the left after you go up the first stairs coming from Tree Farm.
3 - The Winery's basement in Farmer's Market. There is a flooded area with one of them attached to the wall. It is in front of you when you come down the stairs;
just keep going forward.
4 - In Fort Frolic, from the Atrium bottom floor, go towards the bathrooms. Then, move right and follow the path until you see some small stairs to your right leading up to a door. Go inside then go down into the basement. The basement is filled with cigars and the like. The upgrade station is on the wall.
5 - Go to Poseidon Plaza in Fort Frolic. Go to the other end of the bottom floor (the opposite end of where you enter). Go into Sinclair Spirits (the room that has a corpse on a sort of 'altar'). In the basement of this store is the station.
6 - In Hephaestus Core Room, go down to the bottom floor and run around (literary). Eventually you will see it attached to the wall.
7 - In Hephaestus, Kyburz's office. It is attached to the left wall (back turned to the entrance) in the rear of the room.
8 - At the bottom floor of the Mercury Suites area, on the back of the center pillar.
9 - In Sander Cohen's secret room, in the Olympus Heights' Mercury Suites area.
10 - Go to Atlas' Headquarters in Apollo Square (Fontaine's Home For The Poor area). It is located on the fourth floor. Go down the stairs in the room and look to the right. The station will be in front of you.
11 - When you enter Point Prometheus and chase Fontaine, eventually you will end up in a little square and Fontaine will go behind a locked Museum door. At the opposite end of this square (from where you came) is a dead Big Daddy. Next to it is the upgrade.
12 - In the Voice changing labs in Point Prometheus, one of the labs has it.

Quick Reloads:

The following works with both the Crossbow and the Grenade Launcher. While shooting either, you can rapidly reload by pressing the left trigger, then quickly after
pressing the right trigger. This will allow you to start shooting without having to wait longer (several seconds) for your weapon to reload.
This is especially useful against powerful enemies like Big Daddies.

Security Drone Manipulation:

Use a blast of the Electric Shock Plasmid to temporarily disable security drones before you do anything else in a room. Then, run up to them within five seconds and hack them!
You can hack while the game is on virtual 'pause.' You'll have security drones on your side for the rest of the time you are in a fight after doing this.

Big Daddy Battle:

In order to do this, you need the Hypnotize Big Daddy Plasmid and the Natural Camouflage Tonic. All you have to do is use the Hypnotize Big Daddy Plasmid on a Big Daddy so that he thinks you're a Little Sister and protects you. Now here's the fun part - simply find and attack another Big Daddy and your Big Daddy will attack it to protect you.

Big Daddy Kills:

When fighting a Big Daddy, use armor-piercing rounds, as they will deal considerable damage compared to regular rounds.

Big Daddy Kills II:

Once you get the Grenade Launcher and the Proximity Mines, this technique can be employed.
Find a red fuel tank (all over the place), and cover it with about 6 Proximity Mines or so. Next, use Telekinesis to lift the massive explosive device and hurl it at a Big Daddy.
This deals massive damage, leaving you with minimal effort to finish the job. Just be careful not to have the bomb blow up before you get there. (The launcher upgrade that deals no damage to you is a great thing to have just in case.)

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