Black & White 2 - Battle Of The Gods žaidimo kodai

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> Patarimai:

Pilnas 'Storehouse':

Jeigu panaudosite 'Life Miracle' ant 'Storehouse', pastarasis prisipildys gėrybių.

More tribute:

Win the land and when the capital town is migrating, pick up as many people as you can and kill them. Then, use your Life miracle on them all. Put them with the rest of the migration. Before they get to your town you can pick up their flag and put it in your town.
Then the people you killed must migrate again and you will get more tribute.

Burning Tree:

Find a tree and use Fireball on it. Pick the tree up, and when you hover your hand over an enemy army with the tree, they will start to die.
(You can do this outside your influence).

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