Call Of Duty - World At War žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

> Kodai:

- Paspauskite '~', atsidarys konsolė.
- Konsolėje surinkite 'devmap [žemėlapio pavadinimas]' kad tame žemėlapyje įjungtumėte kodų režimą.
- Tada konsolėje veskite sekančius kodus:

god - God Mode.
give all - All weapons, full ammo, health and armor.
noclip - Walk through solid objects.
notarget - Invisibility to most enemies.
kill - suicide.
jumptonode - Teleport to a node.
ufo - Flight mode.
mapname - List maps.
devmap [map name] - Change maps with cheat mode enabled.
map [map name] - Change maps.
demigod - Double health and can survive one grenade explosion.
sf_use_ignoreammo 1 - Unlimited amunition.
sf_use_bw 1 - Black and white movie mode.
sf_use_invert 1 - Photo negative mode.
sf_use_chaplin 1 - Silent movie mode.

> Patarimai:

Veteran mode:

Reach Level 32 to unlock Veteran mode, which is a Co-op mode with much tougher enemies.

Zombie mode:

Successfully complete Campaign mode to unlock Zombie mode, which is a four-player Co-op mode against endless waves of Nazi zombies.

Multiplayer Sniper Spots:

Here are the good spots to control in each online map (remember to protect yourself with bouncing bettys/satchel charges):

-Once inside the church tower, look through the circular window. There is a white building with a small balcony in the distance.

-In the middle of the map, there is a 2-story concrete building. Make sure to place satchels or bouncing bettys. There is also a large white estate with a ladder and staircase in front of it...

-Towards the top of the map, there is building with two windows that overlook the whole area. Warning: people will try to get you...

-Go to the circular building and look through the stair entrance. There should be a hut with two rectangular windows overlooking the sandy area. Also, there is a tall building on the water with windows overlooking the whole map.

-On the second floor of the hangar, there is a small room. From the outside, you get to it by climbing up the rubble pile on the side of the building.

-There is a platform with a ladder on the side of the building. To get to this platform, you can either climb the ladder or go up the stairs inside. This spot connects to a ledge inside the building.

-There are many good spots on this map. The first is a small room overlooking the garden and the front staircase. To get to this room, either climb the ladder or go up the stairs. The second spot is a small room that has a clear sight into the roommentioned above.
To get to this room, go to the bottom of the map and climb up the staircase. You should be on a wooden porch that connects to the gardens. Just turn left and you will be in the room.

-There are two concrete bunkers in this map...go to the one on the edge of the cliff.
From this room, you can snipe people as they run by and shoot people trying the get in from behind.

-This map is probably the worst game map. There is a platform/hallway that goes over the middle of the map. To get to it, go behind the trashed locomotives. Climb up the staircase and turn left at the round platform. You should have a good view of the whole roundhouse in the middle of the map.

-There is a bunker/cave in the upper left corner of the map (second row of buildings). This bunker has a clear shot of enemy respawn points and good protection from tanks.
Make sure to use bouncing bettys.

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