Championship Manager Season 2000-2001 žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

Easy victory:

Simply take over the opposition's team. Play all the
players on the wing, which results in your team getting
a big win.

Buy FGN players that have European Passports:

In the player and staff search screen, click on
'Player Search'. Then, specify 'EU National' under
filters. While you are in there type in, after the
'Text' filter, a country or continent outside the EU.
This will allow you buy to foreign players that have EU
passports such as Alexander Mostovoi (who is Russian/Portuguese).

Opponent has no players:

Choose a rival team that you do not like. Add manager,
then free transfer all their players. Instead of clicking
'Continue', retire immediately. None of the free transfers
will be blocked, leaving them with no players.

Player to buy:

Raul Diaz Arce of DC United

Become national coach:

Select country you want to be on the Select League page,
then make yourself that nationality. When it comes up
with all the clubs you can choose from, click on the bit
which has the nation of the club, then go to the top right
side of the screen and Take Control.

Win every Game In selected League:

The day before your next match, take control of the next
team you play. On match day mess around with their tactics
and positions e.g. Put a striker in goal play the game and
if they score, make them have no goalkeeper at all.
Soon you will find you will win every match of the season.

Any Player you want in English league:

Take control of the team that the player plays for.
Now give the player a two week fine for no reason,
3 times. The player should be angry at you, so the
player will want to leave the club. Put a cheap price
on the player, so you don't have to pay full price.
Continue normally and you will get the player.
This works in any league.

Good Players:

These players will either be good now or become on of
your top stars

Carl laurie
jermaine defoe
Matthew etherington
Simon davies
Javier Saviola
Luke chadwick
Ian stonebridge
Mark tyler
Martin palermo
Michael ball
Jan koller
John carew

Boss Players:

Buy these players and in the future the will
become great signings :
Esteban Cambiasso
Martin Palermo
Kim Kallstrom
Sean Hessey
Alex Notman
Ricardo Carmo
Derek Boateg
Ruben Olivera
Daniel Jensen
Anthony Lurling
Arnold Bruggink
Nuno Coelho
Simon Downer
Clinton Morrison
Michael Ball
Tony Gardner
Jan Vennegoor Of Hesselink
Maximilano Estevez(superb player)
Edson Rolando Silva Sousa
Mark Van Bommel
Rafael Van Der Vaart
Matthew Blackwell
Alexander Alm
Matt Jansen
Marcus Bent
Djair Fernandes Silva

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