Chessmaster 8000 žaidimo kodai

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3 Move Check-mate:

At very beginning when your turn take your knight
go 2 times forward and one left.Next turn go 1 right
and forward 2.Next turn go right 1 and 2 forward.

4 Move Check Mate:

You must be white to do this. First you move the queen diagonal
as far left as she can go. Then move the bishop as too the right
until there is one square between it and the edge. You have just
put them in check mate.


Learn the endgame. Keeping a cool head in the final
moves of a game will surely lead you to glorious victory.

Take the time to play through Josh's voice-annotated
games. His insightful commentary should shape your
chess-playing mind as if it were a lump of clay.

There's no dishonor in consulting the online coaching
system; frequent machine analysis of your play can
improve your overall game.

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