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When your research has 1 turn left go into the domestic
adviser and start lowering research untill the 1 turn
turns into 2 turns then set it back up to 1 turn. In
the middle to late states of the game I can lower my
research bar by 30 to 60 percent and still be able to
complete the research in 1 turn while also getting a
lot of cash during that turn, as much as 500 to 800
cash for 1 turn for me in the middle to late stages
of the game.

Also with the Research bar when you first start a research
some seem to have a minimum requirement of turns. even if
you could get them done sooner i've noticed several take
like 4 turns or 6 turns... so if you have the research
set up very high, at the start of the program go into
the adviser and start lowering the research bar untill
your turn to complete changes then you have found the
optimum setting for research for that advance. doing this
gets the most out of research while giveing you the most
cash back. although If your expences are running high
this doesn't help that much if you want to keep your
account balance in the black.


When I got the game I started playing at Diety Level
[thinking that since I am so good at Civ2, I should
be fine in Civ3]. Ah, to my suprise while I had maybe
3 cities the computer players [16 of 'em] had 10+.
I do not know how they get their settlers so fast.
Anyways I shamefully went down to Regent difficulty.

Now that I have played a couple of games [never actually
finished one, just restarted a couple of times once I
started beating the computer...] I can say a few things:

1. Expansion is the KEY to winning the game or dominating
the game 2. It is very wise to BUY technologies from the
computer, or offer your extra resources for the 20 turn
period. This will get you cought up with the technology
tree, i.e. lets say I go for monarchy right away, this
means I will neglect 'the wheel' and 'horseback riding'
and I would buy these then. 3. Always have a 'MODERN'
army ready to defend/attack


1. It is quite alright for you to have 1 of each type
of resource, that is all you need. The more you have
the better since you can use these for trading [luxury
ones being most valuable, I found] 2. Do not stress if
you have no strategic resources in the beginning, you
can still build basic def/att units. You can always
trade for strategic resources or even better you can
make surgical strikes to capture these strategic resources.


1. I found that Horsemen are the best unit in the beginning.
Mobility is very important and the fact that a Horsemen will
retreat out of combat allows you to save it [i.e. retreat
with it to town and rest it to full health]. In short:
Horsemen are the most efficient unit at start

example: I had a fight with the Germans who had Iron
[i did not] and built 10+ swordsmen. I defeated them
with my horsemen. Then ended up conquering most of their
cities. They bought peace surrending 3 of
their cities on the barganing table :]

2. Concentrate your attacks just like the computer

3. Computer has usually 2 defenders in town if Despotism,
3 if Monarchy, 2 for Republic/Democracy and 3 for Communism.
Why? For despotism/monarchy/communism this is the number of
units that help with happiness of the city, more than this
is cost.


1. Always have attacking units in your border cities.
The computer attacks in a bunch of stacked units. Having
attacking units in your town allows you to destroy a few
before they strike at you and the sweetness of it is that
since the units are stacked up your attacking unit does
not leave town. So a good def/att stats are good (like the
Roman Legion, or Babylonian Bowman, or later on the
Musketmen) Remember: BEST DEFENCE IS A GOOD OFFENCE 2.
All your border cities less than 7 must have Walls and at
least 3 spearmen/pikemen

Strategy for attacking:

1. Surgical and well thought out strikes are most damaging
to your opponent. Best is to conquer or raze towns which
have thier Strategic Resources or to pillage ROADS leading
to the Strategic Resources. This will hamper their ability
to produce units that require that resource. 2. If you are
bent on conquest: keep the pressure up and do not falter.

Unlimited Gold:

First make a backup copy of the file script.slc, which is located in
..ctp_datadefaultgamedata. Then open up the original with any text editor
and add the following lines: trigger 'DOR_T_Give_Gold' when
[IsHumanPlayer[g.player] && [

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