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All Weapons:

Start the game with the concole parameter :
-console cheatcc.

In the game bring console with the ` key (the key at
the left of 1 key), then type:

allguns All Weapons

Flame Tank Rush:

If the team saves up for 5 or 6 Flame Tanks it is almost
certain that GDI will lose a building or two. With proper
support, Flame Tanks can take down entire bases.


The main strategy for GDI varies from map to map but usualy
whipping out a bunch of mamoths is lethal enough to destroy
NOD. Now the problem lies in actually letting the game go
long enough to get to the mammoths. In my opinion, there
are two different types of maps. Ones with defence (obelisk
and AGT) and ones without. If it's a map without, then just
start rushing with 2 engies in a humvee after their power.
That's all you need. If it's one with base defence then whip out a mrls and try to keep it alive as long as possible. Also a good idea would be to shoot at structures sticking out where the obelisk can't hit you. (There are better strategies for certain maps...however I have yet to remeber the names to all the maps. As GDI your biggest fear should be NOD flametanks (and buggies if its withou base defense). (I'll explain those two in the nod section below.

For nod you mostly want to save up for flametanks.
The flametank is your god in Renegade. It is the alpha
and the omega. 400 hitpoints 400 armor you can stroll
into a base shoot and get massive points and possibly
destroy buildings too. Be aware of many groupings of
tanks. 1 on 1 with a mammoth doesnt matter because you
can take it out and then repair whats left of your flame


Get ahold of 4 or 5 MRLSs early in the game. Since they only cost 400, they do a lot of damage, and have a very long range, GDI can take out a Tib Refinery or an Airstrip out in the first few minutes of the game.


Beacons have seen increased usage in the last couple weeks.
There is always the chance of an enemy soldier sneaking into the Barracks/Hand Of Nod and placing and end game beacon, but this tends to be rare. I'd have to say that Nod's most effective weapon is a 'Ghost' (Stealh Black Hand) with a nuclear Strike Beacon. It is tricky to get in sometimes, but if you put a beacon inside (or next to) any building and the enemy does not disarm it, said building goes Bye Bye. So the Blac Hand can set his nuke, disappear, and guard it from any GDI engineers trying to disarm it. GDI can have a difficult time using this tactic because they don't have any stealh soldiers. But a good player can sneak into a base and plant a beacon in a good location and take out a building (and maybe some of the poor saps that don't realize whats happening).

Nod Buggy Rush:

Since the Nod Buggies are only 300 credits, a
couple guys can buy some and take a passenger
with them. The most effictive combinations would
be 2 Engineers, A Technician and an Engineer, 2
Technicians, or a Technician and someone to cover
them. Since GDI's Advanced Gaurd Tower doesn't
destroy the Buggies extremely fast they can usually
get to a building and drop off their passengers to
make short work of any building.

Under Hotwire:

This is a little strategy I call Under Hotwire.
It requires being on GDI with a hotwire on the UNDER map.
What you do is get in the entrance to Nods base next to nods power plant. when you get there run in, behind the rock, and then start jumping. once your in, go the back way into the Hand of Nod and take it out with C4, or if u have a nuke, plant it on the pedestal or next to the power plant. Look at the screenshots below for directions. This strategy works 99% of the time, but sometimes the obelisk does get you.

Endless time in Skirmish mode:

If You are getting tired of getting only 25 minutes
of playtime in the skirmish mode (multiplay practice)
Simply open the \'svrcfg_skirmish.ini\' file
under \\westwood\\Renegade\\Data directory.
Not only can you change gametime(0 = endless),
but you can also change the amount of money you start with.

Aircraft in multiplayer:

As of right now, in multiplayer, aircraft is impossible
to use...much like the Nod Recon Bike. When moving at top
speeds, the frame rate would need to go so fast that the
current Renegade engine can't keep up with multiple players
using it. This being said, either a major patch would allow
this, or you'll just have to wait for the next 'Renegade'.
Possibly a Mod could add them, but they'd still run into the same framerate and power problem.

Radio Commands:

This is a listing of the radio commands that you can
issue while playing the game. They can be very useful
when you're in the heat of a battle and don't have time
to type messages to your teammates.

Renegade's radio commands in a more pleasing-to-the-eye layout.



1 = Building needs repairs!
2 = Get in the vehicle!
3 = Get out of the vehicle!
4 = Destroy that vehicle!
5 = Watch where you're pointing that!
6 = Don't get in my way!
7 = Affirmative.
8 = Negative.
9 = I'm in position.
0 = Enemy spotted.


1 = I need repairs!
2 = Take the point.
3 = Move out.
4 = Follow me.
5 = Hold position.
6 = Cover me.
7 = Take cover!
8 = Fall back.
9 = Return to base.
0 = Destroy it now!


1 = Attack the base defenses!
2 = Attack the harvester!
3 = Attack that structure!
4 = Attack the refinery!
5 = Attack the power plant!
6 = Defend the base!
7 = Defend the harvester!
8 = Defend that structure!
9 = Defend the refinery!
0 = Defend the power plant!

Note: If you hold CTRL, ALT or both down for about
three seconds, it puts up the whole list of the
available radio commands on the screen.


Press ~ during game play to display the console window.
Then, enter the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Enable extras cheat - extras fnkqrrm
Send admin message to all clients (host only) - admin_message
Sends chat message to all clients (host only) - message
Toggle framerate display - fps
View game in progress info in console window - game_info
End current game (host only) - gameover
Kick and ban a user from the game (WOL server only) - kick
Set max net update think rate (times per second) - net_update_rate
View player info in console window - player_info
End game and quit to Desktop (dedicated server only) - quit
Shutdown slave server (dedicated master server only) - quit_slave slavename
Quit to desktop and restart process (dedicated server only) - restart
Toggle half pixel bias in screen text - screen_uv_bias
Set total bandwidth budget out - set_bw_budget_out

Extras cheat:

Enable the extras fnkqrrm code. A 'Cheats Enabled' message will confirm correct code entry. Go to a PT then hold [Left Alt] and click on 'Characters' or 'Vehicles' and you will see new items.

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