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When playing against a Yuri computer enemy and have a chronosphere, chronoshift the slaveminer into the water when the slaves are close to its base or units (don't harm the slaves!!!). When the miner falls into the water, the slaves become white neutral units and the computer
does not attack them, but they attack anything that near them. I've distroyed lots of Yuri bases like this. The slaves kill slowly but the computer won't harm them (max accidentally run them over). Works great with version 1.00 , but probably with the newer patches too.

Another tip:

Place bombs on enemy chronominers if you can at the rigth moment before
shifting back to the base (do this with a crazy Ivan of course).
The miner returns to the base and BOOM. To bomb hits and the refinery
is destroyed.


When playng as yuri in a skirmish build 2 floating disks.
Send the first one and hvae it drain the enemy\'s power
which will disable anti-air defences. Then send the second
one and have it steal money from their ore refinery.


when doing the missions always build up your base and
defences before attacking, on most missions Yuri's
forces won't actually expand there base. Once you have
enough resources build long range units, like the
Apocalypse Tank or the Prism Tank which can destroy
Yuri's annoying base defences before they can affect you.

50 brute's cheat:

buld 10-20 slave miner's (20 is the best) get the all on
1 ore patch buld a mutata and use it on your slave's
and you will have up to 150 slave's your slave's will
come back.

Tactics when playing as Yuri:

Cash Increase:

You need:
A genetic mutator charged to full
Cloning Vats (optional but recommended)
Meat Grinder
Lots a cash

Crank out a huge army of Initiates and bunch them up in
one location. Use the genetic mutator and turn them into
brutes, send the New brutes into your meat grinder.

Double Devastation:
You need:
A fully charged Psychic Dominator
A fully charged genetic mutator
Enemy base's location

Use the dominator in the center of where he has a few
buildings bunched up, now immediately use the mutator
at the same spot, You should now have destroyed most of
his buildings and have an army of Brutes to take care of
the remainder.


When playing as Yuri in a skirmish or multiplayer
game, there's an easy way to win. Firstly, make sure
that your base is well protected so that you don't
have to worry about that later. Then make sure that
you have enough money, and start building about 8
floating discs; keep them near your base. When the're
all done, order them to attack one of your opponent's
powerplants; this will take out his power fo his air
defense. When one of the discs is floating over one
of the powerplants and draining the power, then make
the other discs attack the anti-air units of your
opponent. When those are all eliminated, you will be
free to destroy the base completely; probably without
having lost one unit.


If a Squid tries to 'sink' an Allied Robot Tank, its
tentacles will change color and it pops up without
traveling. After the Robot Tank is destroyed, the squid changes back to normal.

Allied Battle Fortress Strategies:

If five chrono legionaires are put in a battle fortress it becomes the awesome Chronotank. Use snipers, Tanyas, or Navy Seals for infantry and Tesla troopers and Gaurdian GIs for tanks or a combination of everything. Just don't use the Legionares with other units because they will all target one unit but only the Legionaire will shoot.

Triple Gattling Speed:

Get a gattling cannon and set it to attack ground, call it a number
and leave it. When an aircraft comes press its number and click on
the aircraft and it will fire at triple the speed.(Works best on those
Kirof Airships!!!)

Lots-a-Brutes: (Yuri side only!)

Get the genetic Mutator ready. Turn super Weapons on and start a game.
Build about 5-10 slave miners and send them all to one ore patch. Once
all slave's are in range of the mutator click and all slaves turn into
brutes. The slaves will be replaced and you could have 50 brutes!!(if u
need cash, grind em!).

Easy Win:

First built cloning vats, than built a yuri prime(you'll get 2) then
nuilt a flying disk, attack with your flying disk power plant(it will
drin its power), then with yuri prime caputere barracks or war factory,
make some units to come out of the caputred building, and then finally
use your second yuri prime to caputere the constuction yard.

Special Unit Cheat:

If you can build cloning vats, use them to make a second yuri prime, boris
etc. Simply build your cloning vats and then build your special unit.

Very Easy Win:

With Yuri's side build 7-10 flying disk, attack your opponents power plant
with 1 flying disk use the rest to attack all the structures. With soviet
simply build 7-10 apocalypse and make sure they get upgrated to elite.
then you simpy fully raid the opponents grade starting with power plants
and construction yard.

if u are playing for yuri magnetrons can lift enemy
vehicles and drop them on walls, cliffs and water,
they will instantly die.


Want you to get a CHRONO IVAN?! Play with the ALLIED side (USA,France...) against a SOVIET side (Libya,Iraq...).
1. Build a barracks and a Battle lab as fast as you can.
2. Train a spy.
3. Kill the enemy's dogs and discuise your spy!
4. When the enemy builds the Soviet battle lab send your spy in his lab QUICKLY BEFORE HE CAN SURROUND HIS LAB WITH A WALL
You will get a Chrono Ivan if you did what I have written.
The Chrono Ivan will move like the Chrono Legionnaire, but will lay bombs into buildings like Tanya, Crazy Ivan.
Make sure that you don't move him close to a prism tower or a tesla coil.

HINT: Move your Spy near Soviet base to come faster to battle lab.

BEST PARATROOPER DEFENSE (Works only with Yuri):

1. Build barracks
2. Build psychic sensor
3. Train Yuri clone (800$)

This is very usefull when playing against America (or a side with captured Tech Airports). When you see paratroopers falling from the sky, move Yuri clone on the shadow on ground (multiple dots). Make sure that you moved Yuri clone on place with most shadows. Make sure that you DON'T HAVE ANY OF YOUR INFANTRY UNITS CLOSE TO YURI CLONE. Click ON the YURI CLONE or press the DEPLOY button and most of the troopers will explode in the air! The troopers that remain will capture Yuri clone ;-)

NOTE: You can do the same thing with Yuri prime (1500$).

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