Cricket 2002 žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


1. Click the INSIDE EA button from the main menu.
2. Place the cursor over the CREDITS button so its hightlighted.
3. Enter the code.

Make sure the cursor doesn't move (CREDITS stays highlighted) while you enter the codes. You'll get a confirmation once the cheat is activated. Type it again to turn it off:

bigbat - Gives you a big bat
sbatsman - Super batsman makes it easy to hit 4s and6s
bouncyball - The ball bounces when you hit it
sharjahtmnt - Unlocks the Sharjah 4 team tournament
butter - The fielders drops the ball a lot
ulockate - Unlocks the All Time england team
hbstudios - Unlocks the HB Studios team
ulockastar - Unlocks the All-star team
ulocknzlsaf - Unlocks All Time New Zealand and South africa teams
fatfielders - Turns all the fielders into portly umppires
ulockall - Unlocks and turns on all the above

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