Descent 3 žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

Kodai veikia tik single žaidime:

treesquid - Get Full map
moreclang - Skip Level
tuberacer - Get damaged
shananigans - Strange graphic textures
byebyemonkey - Rear view
framelength - Show frame rate
burgergod - Invincibility
deadofnight - Kill all bots
testicus - Cloak
ivegotit - All weapons, energy, shields

God Mode:
While playing type in BURGERGOD for god mode.

Teletubbies cheats:
when you go on a level who have a sun, you see a
beaby face!

Secret boss level:
To get to a secret boss, while playing type: deadmanwalking

Type in 'gowingnut' during the game to take off all energy
and shields. You will also never regain thrusters.

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