Disciples - Sacred Lands žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

Paspauskite ENTER ir įveskite sekančius kodus:

playhideandseek - Invisible to opponents
upgrademe - Extra experience points; gain one more for next upgrade
givememoney - 5000 gold
iwanttokilleverybody - At war with everyone
iloveallofyou - At peace with everyone
iwanttobuildagain - Build again before next turn
iwillkeepaneyeonyou - Reveal enemy/monster information
whoturnedoffthelights - Hide entire map
nowicanseeyou - Reveal entire map
whataloseriam - Instantly lose the quest/scenario
nobodycanbeatme - Instantly win the quest/scenario
makemestronger - Recover health
letmemove - Move again
givemeanotherchance - Revived killed units 1
wouldyou? - Unknown

1. At least one unit must still be active.

You can use the AutoSave feature to load the game from the
previous turn if you're taking a nasty beating.

Resurrecting dead units will bring them back with their
experience points intact, but if they have very few experience points, your gold is better spent simply recruiting a new unit.

Build the Guild and start sending out Thief units as soon as possible it's the cheapest way to find out what sort of enemy forces are inside cities and towers.

Seriously consider using the Suicide function during battle if you're positive you're going to lose and if you suspect that enemy units will advance a level by fighting the battle to the end.

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