Drift City žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


Push the following buttons together anytime during the game,except during server select screens.

Control+Shift+V - Make cars disappear, player or NPC.

Control+Shift+U - Makes extras disappear, such as speedometer, mini-map, quick-times on the top right, chat, exp bar, names on people's cars.

Control+Shift+F - Shows FPS and other in-game texture info.

Control+Shift+P - Displays a lots of script info.

Control+Shift+N - Also displays FPS, and lag, when your racing and odd checkpoints on the minimap.

Control+Shift+O (as in orange) - Makes all the buildings disappear, mountains, terrain, trees, everything that you can hit.

Control+Shift+T - Makes the roads disappear.

Control+Shift+R - Resets the screen to the top left corner.

Control+Shift+0 (Zero) - Halloween night sky, with the crazy moons and auroras

Control+Shift+0 (Numpad Zero) - Opens Korean Google

Control+Shift+(F1 to F10) - Shows different cinematic camera angles.

Control+Shift+E - Turns on hazard warning lights.

Control+Shift+- (Minus) - Adds to your boost bar.

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