Earth 2150 Lost Souls žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


Paspauskite Enter.
Įveskite 'Cheater 1.(Activate cheats)'
Tada įveskite sekančius kodus:

see_you_next_life Kills a unit you have selected
no_more_secrets Show full map
x-mas_pack Refill ammunition and repair damage
einstein_1 fast exploration enabled
einstein_0 fast exploration disabled
the_hammer_of_thor Destroys all enemies within 8 range
hasta_la_vista_enemigos Destroy visible units and objects
eagle_eye Lets you see all
let_be_darkness Activates fog of war
no_one_hides Shows all units
time_is_relative Increase research speed
dirt_cheap_research Decrease Research Cost
Cheater 1 Enable cheat mode
Cheater 0 Disable cheat mode
mybrainisfaster 1 Faster research
limit_up # Limit goes up # of levels (enter number)
moneyfornothing # Free money (enter number)
byebye Instant loss
Shower Meteor shower
Tromaville Damage all visible enemies
gohome! Destroy selected building
smash Destroys everything in sight
judgementday Kill on visible enemies
Sciencefornothing Free research
beautifulmoon 1 Show full map
hotground Plant mines
hereyouare! Show all enemies
hide Enable fog of war
moonlight Disable fog of war
nobelprize Research everything

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