Empire Earth žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

Žaidimo metu paspauskite ENTER ir įveskite sekančius kodus:

creatine - Get 1000 iron
you said wood - Get 1000 Wood
rock&roll - Get 1000 rock
atm - Get 1000 gold
my name is methos - Get all resources and show map
ahhhcool - Lose game
somebody set up the bomb - Win game
boston rent - All gold gone
the big dig - all resources gone
display cheat - shows cheats
friendly skies - Planes refuel in mid air
mine your own business - 0 rock
girlyman - 0 iron
slimfast - 0 food
coffee train - Health for all player units
brainstorm - Faster building
headshot - all object gone
uh, smoke? - All wood gone
asus drivers - show map
boston food sucks - Get 1000 Food
all you base are belong to us - Get 10,000 everything
i have the power - Magic/power set to max
columbus - Animals & fish appear
the quotable patella - Units upgraded

Health for all player units:

Click a villager and tell him to build a building
(one that you can make units at) anywhere on the map.
Type in the health cheat, (coffee train) in the chat
box and the building will get full health and you can
build units at it, even though there are only the
foundations of it there.

Engineering magic:

While playing the german campaign build a settlement near the gold mine and then you can use your engineers to mine gold for u. if by clicking the dont go for mining then select 1 citizen along wih 5 engineers then click on the mine the will happily do it. I have tried with the gold mine you try it with something else. Moreover, engineers construct very fast.
Just make a building with the help of your citizen then click a engineer to help buil it.

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