Eradicator žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

Žaidimo metu įveskite sekančius kodus:

ragamuffin - Invincibility
arms - All Ammo
gift - All Items
dig - Toggle Clipping
overdrive - Microchip Power
gobbet - Suicide
sputnik - Fill In Automap
amobject - Shown Objects on Map
vici - Finish Current Level
bload - Level Select
aimove - Stop Enemy A.I.
frame - Display Framerate
fmk - Full Health
ouch - Hurt Yourself
grav - Lower Gravity
blub - Toggle Slow-Motion
guns - Take Away Ammo
dunhour - Kill All Enemies
poed - No Gravity At All
oreilly - Give Radar Tracker
76trumbos - Display Sound Efects
gps - Display Location
\ - Repeat Last Cheat

Cheat Codes for Shareware Version:
Type these codes while playing a single-player game.
Please note that these only work on the shareware
version. Don't try them with the commercial release.

fushipi - Invincibility
guns - All ammo

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