Feeding Frenzy 2 žaidimo kodai

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Eat fish smaller than you and avoid larger fish. Any fish larger than you is a predator and will eat you. When you’re eaten, you lose a life. Eating fish makes you grow larger, which means you can eat larger fish. (HINT: When your fish says, Yummy, you have just grown larger)
Biting the tails of bigger fish earns points. You also get bonus points for eating entire schools of fish.

Starfish bubbles:

These give you extra points, but they don’t help you grow.


Biting the tail of a barracuda 4 times will shrink it. Once you shrink it, you can eat it but BE CAREFUL.

Jumping out of the water:

As you move up in levels, you will be able to jump out of the water and eat flying bugs. (HINT: You get extra points for a swarm.) You can get style points for doing flips in the air, but if you land wrong (belly flop), you’ll be stunned for a couple seconds.
(This could make you food for a predator!)


Mushrooms are released when the alien intruder hits one of the bombs near the surface.


You can shrink the pelicans by eating a mushroom right as the pelican flies over. If you shrink the pelican, you can eat it.

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