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You should try scouting, you can get some very good players:

season 2: spain: Ringt Defender Cazorla(grows to 97)
season 2: spain: Left Midfield Arroyo(grows to 97)
season 3: rest of europe: (rwm) Crilly(grows 99)
season 3: asia: (cb) Ha (grows 99)

Rekomenduojama komanda:

The following is a great set of players to have on Manager mode.
These players are quality buys if you can get them quite cheap and you are looking for players who develop into the 96+ category overall rating. To find the best players, do a search for all players aged between 16 to 19. You can find some 17 or 18 year olds with a rating
of 90. These players only cost about $7 million because of their age, and you can make them worth about 40 in a season if the play well for you.

Goalkeeper - Bruno (Brazilian)
Defense - Micah Richards
Defense - Vincent Kompany
Defense - Sergio Ramos
Defense - Dani Alves
Defense - Gareth Bale
Defense - Raul Albiol
Midfield - S. Aleksander
Midfield - Fernando Gago
Midfield - Francesq Fabregas
Forward - Cristiano Ronaldo
Forward - Nani
Forward - Sergio Aguero
Forward - Created player (do not give him too many defense points as they do not really improve the overall rating for a striker)
Forward - Lionel Messi

Recommended team:

Use the following players.
Henry (Chelsea)

Manager mode: Spending experience points:

In Manager mode, access the experience points menu. Near the top of the screen is an option you can toggle if you wish to have the experience points spent automatically. Turn the autospend off.
Save up until you have about 40,000 experience points, or roughly a third of a season. Then, go back into the menu where you spend your points. You can spend a lot more points in one go. This makes it easier to decide what aspects of a player to upgrade. When you
have 40,000 experience points, turn on the auto spend.
The CPU spends the points better if there are more to spend.

Be a pro Co-op season:

Midfield is easy because you can stay up front like a striker or go in to defence if you prefere defending and the tasks will be easier.

The Best Team for 4-3-3:

If you are going to start manager mode then use these players in the 4-3-3 formation.(Before going to manager mode, go to club transfers and move all of the players needed to your team that you are going to use)

RB-Sergio Ramos

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