Fifa 1998 žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

Use the 'Player Edit' option to change a player
name to one of the following entries:

Classic 1982 match - zico
Classic 1966, 1970 matches - hurst
Silly moves - footy or powder
Crazy ball - dohdohdoh or mrhat
Ball on fire - kenny
Skeleton players - kyle
Alien mode - neila
Big head mode - eac rocks or gabo
Hot potato mode - xplay or gonzo
Take a dive - johnny atomic or cartman
Crowd leaves stadium - city
Invisible walls - urlofus

In FIFA98 after typing footy and enabling it, during the game, when the player your controlling has the ball, double clicking the 'Z' button on the joystick (E on the keyboard) will make the player do a celebration ex. flip, 360.

Crowd sounds
Score a goal and repeatedly press one of the following
keys or buttons to hear the corresponding crowd sound:

Normal drums - Sprint
Loud drums - Shoot
Horns Lob/Long - kick
Crowd cheers - Pass


Bash the players here's how.
press q n e repeatedly.

Wanna score by bicycle kicks n banana kicks?
When near the goal post... n there is no oppoenet
player around you, press Ctrl+a to perform a rainboy kick n then press D.... voila.... a cool goal. This works 99% of time.

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