Flying Heroes žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

Žaidimo metu įveskite sekančius kodus:

OMMALLUF - Full Ammo
HTLAEHLLUF - Full Health
ANAMLLUF - Full Mana
TSOOBERIF - Fire Boost
RATSLATEM - Metal Star
RETROPELET - Teleporter
KAOLC - Cloak
LERRABSAG - Gas Barrel
SENIMEX - Xemines
SENIMGA - Agmines
ELBISIVNI - Invisible
ETATNEIROSID - Disorientate
NIARDICA - Acid Rain
NODDEGAMRA - Armageddon
DUOLCHTAED - Death Cloud
ERIFLLAF - Fallfire
LLABERIF - Fireball
LLABECI - Iceball
HSALF - Flash
ERIFTES - Setfire
DICAHSALPS - Splash Acid
LLAEZEERF - Freeze All

From the start of the game, borrow money from the loan
shark to update your weapons stash. Your generic pea-shooters will dig you an early grave.

Concentrate on snagging multiple speed power-ups. The bad
guys can't shoot you if you're nimble.

Circle-strafing works in 3D.

Your angle of attack is limited; start your approach through holes in floors and ceilings.

Characters who fly airships are wonderful targets. Take
advantage of their bulk and lumbering speed.

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