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God mode:

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of
the file
before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the 'perfoptions.ini' file in
the game folder.
Change the 'DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 1.00' line to 'DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 0.00'.

Finding secret bases and jump holes:

When you are looking for hidden jump holes to other systems, turn on your
Nav Map,
then select the 'Show Patrols' map. The lines that appear show popular paths
that the
AI ships use. Almost any path that stretches out beyond the normal
trade-lane traffic of
a star system will lead to a hidden starport or even a hidden jump hole. Fly
out to where
the line leads to and turn on the 'Solars' option on your targeting
You will usually find a place of interest. However, in places with reduced
sensor ranges
you will probably have to rely on visually looking for something. Also, to
find all the paths,
make sure to look at the 'neutral', 'hostile' and 'friendly' paths in the
patrol paths map.
Be wary of stumbling upon an enemy's base.

Easier battles:

For slightly easier battles when attacking, select a hostile ship as your
target then ignore that
ship. Focus instead on the other hostiles but do not select them as a target. Even though they
are not selected you will still be given the blindfire marker (the crosshair you aim with), although
it will be smaller. Sometimes an untargeted hostile will just sit there, waiting to be shot.
Other times, it will remain on a straight course and will not maneuver too
much. The AI will eventually catch on to you and will alter its techniques or will send
in more ships. Also, you will not be able to use missiles like this.


Change the 'DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 1.00' line to 'DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 0.00'.
in the perfoptions.ini file for GOD mode, but to make little bit easier you can change the 'DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 1.00' line to 'DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 0.50' and you will take only half the damage, or you can change 'DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 2.00' if you wish to make the game harder.


To make your self imortal locate the string DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 1.00 in
PerfOptions.ini which is located in C:\My Documents\My Games\Freelancer\
Simple change the 1 to a 0 to make your ship invincible or change it to 2 for a more challenging game.


Submitted by: Nadine Dommecent
If you need to install the codec for freelancer you can play the game and hear evrything.
If you don't install the codec you can't play finish the game but you can't explode when you are 2 close to a planet because you can't hear the alert message that you hear when you fly 2 close ps: the game is depending on the codec

Quicker way to get money:

buy a Cargo then go in to space and jettison the cargo and get it back when you get it back you'll notice it say 2x do this till ya cargo get the the max then go back and land or dock and sell off the cargo.


Sit around Essen and Dortmound station for the Red Hessians. Kill the Hessians and sometime they drop Niobium. Dortmound pay over 1k for a single piece of Niobium, but you dont even have to move far.

*Must be Enemies with the Hessians*
ps best way to level up fast too, also junkers attack every now and then but they drop Barragers Mk3s and lancer missles.

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