Gothic 2 - Gold Edition žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


Žaidimo metu paspauskite C, tada įveskite 'marvin', kad aktyvuotumėte konsolę.
Tada išeikite paspaudę C, ir su F2 nueikite į konsolę, ir veskite sekančius kodus:

Edit player abilities sub-menu - edit abilities
Enable God mode - cheat god
Extend view to near infinity - zfogzone
Heal player - cheat full
Invisible to all enemies - invisible
Slightly better appearance - zhighqualityrender
Spawn indicated item - insert [name]
Switch to first person view - first person
Warp to front of Xardas' tower - goto waypoint Xardas
Warps to the Khorinis lighthouse - goto waypoint lighthouse

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