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Now dragons have regenerating ability so you can not use tactics hit and run to heal your self. BUT, now you can smoke swampweed and kill dragons in the same
time. ewerything you have to do is when fighting a dragen just summon a deamon with help of spell scroll and he will do the rest, you just have to sit back and enjoy the show. Scroll isn't expencive, its only 250 gold coins. I hope this little thingy will help someone.


You should try the following if you want to max the 1-handed or 2-handed skills. For this you will need these weapons: 'Wind Servant' for 1-handed and 'Storm Servant' for 2-handed. So here it comes : transform yourself into an animal,doesn't matter what : lurker , shadowbeasts....
After that make sure that in your inventory the best weapons that the game will automatically equip you with are Storm or Wind.
Press Enter to become human and if the game equips you with one of these weapons you will get a boost of 10 points in that particulary skill.

P.S. To make it clear : before you transform yourself into an animal don't have these weapons equiped.

Easy stat points:

Get a potion that gives you a bonus to any of your statistics (for example, Strength, Agility, etc.). Go to a place crowded by goblins. When they start to hit you, open your inventory and drink one of the potions. You will drinkit and get the bonus to the statistic, but bottle will not disappear.

Note: You must get hit in the moment that you drink the potion.

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