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Toyota TRD3000GT:
Get all gold medals in international. A license test.

Breaking the Sound Barrier:
This cheat lets you get up to very high speeds a
nd 'breaking the sound barrier'. Here are the steps:

Get some speed:
Then smash a wall at a 90 degree angle Hug the
wall for about half a lap As soon as you do that
get off the wall quickly and start driving on
the road.

Concept Car:
In order to get the Dodge Concept Car, which you
cant buy, you have to win the British vs US race.

Easy Money:
The easiest way to get lots of money later in the
game is to race the qualifier for the all nighter.
You get $20,000 just for qualifing and it is very
easy to do this with the GTO special edition or
any other car with good speed/acceleration and
handling. It takes app. 1'45' to complete with
the GTO special edition.

Faster Acceleration:
To accelerate faster, rev your engine during the
countdown. Be sure to go from the lowest point in
neutral to the hightest point in neutral, and back
down to the lowest point in neutral as many times
as you can before you go.

Free Parts:
It seems there is a bug in GT which means you can
make free duplicate copies of any parts you buy for
a particular type of car.
Try this:
Buy two identical cars. Give them a different color
scheme if you like. Buy loads of parts for the first
one - fully spec it up if you like.
Check out its list of fitted parts from the garage
(you should see a list of what you just bought.)
Switch to the other car and get in it (the one which
you haven't fitted any parts on yet) and check its
fitted parts list (should be empty).

Still in the second car, go race (Spot Race will do).

When you get options to qualify, go to Machine Setting,
then Change Parts. You'll now find you can select all
the parts from the other car, tyres, turbos, suspension,
intercooler etc, in effect fully spec'ing up the second
Exit the race, and go back to the garage.
Check out the list of fitted parts for both cars.
The parts are now installed for both of them!

This won't work for the Weight Reduction or Racing Mod
options and a few other things (like port polishing),
as these are not available from the Change Parts menu -
they're not really 'parts' as such anyway. Also, it
doesn't seem to work with cars that have been won.

Of course the best thing you can do with this is sell
the extra cars. As it cost you nothing to increase its
specs, you'll make a profit when you sell it!

Hi-Fi Mode, Bonus Cars and Bonus Tracks:
To get all the bonus items in Arcade mode, which include
the four other tracks (Autumn Ring, Deep Forest, SSR5,
and Grand Valley Speedway), all the other cars (Toyota,
Subaru, Dodge, and TVR), the ending movie, and Hi-res
GT Mode, you have to beat every single track with each
type of car (A, B, and C) under all three modes of
difficulty (Easy, Normal, Difficult.)

Hidden Video of the GT Staff:
In Arcade Mode, first get the hidden tracks, then, on
every track, take 1st place with any car in A,B, and C
class mode on Normal setting or higher. Then go to Bonus Items, you'll see 'Staff Video' on the menu.

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