Grand Slam Turkey Hunter žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

To activate these cheats, press F2 during
gameplay, type the code, then press Enter.

GSFLASH - makes you run fast
GSSUPAFLASH - makes you run super fast
GSWWRRIGHT - makes you fly
GSSIDEWIND - takes you right to a turkey
GSDOOLITTLE - turkeys won't be afraid of you
GSTRACKER - reveals location of animals on the map
GSDEADEYE - arrow cam
GSCALLIN - brings the turkeys to you
GSLOCK - locks onto a turkey
GSBADDREAMS - slow bullets
GSRAIN - rain
GSSNOW - snow
GSTHUNDER - thunder
GSLIGHT - lightning
GSBULLETCAM - camera follows bullet
GSFIND - takes you up close to the nearest turkey
GSCADDYSHACK - lets you walk around at the target range

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