Half Life - Blue Shift žaidimo kodai

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Start the game by running the game from your RUN menu with:
'C:\GameFolder\bshift.exe' -console

Now you can bring down the console command box at any time
during the game with the ~ key (tilde).
Now before loading a map or game, you must open your console and type 'sv_cheats 1' (excluding ''). Alternatively you may place the command in your 'C:\GameFolder\config.cfg' file with notepad, so it will be automatically set next time you
open the game.

You may now use the following commands (excluding ''):

'god' - God Mode
'noclip' - NOCLIP Mode : Fly through walls
'notarget' - No Target Mode
'impulse 101' - Gives all weapons
'sv_gravity x' - Adjusts Gravity where when X = 800 the game uses default gravity and when X = 0 there is no gravity.
'sv_accelerate x' - Adjusts air acceleration so you move more when you jump. Default = 10 but increase for more effective bunnyhopping :)
'skill x' - Adjusts skill in-game, 1 = Easiest, 3 = Hardest.

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