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In the Campaign ' Assult on the control room' when you reach the point
when If I had A Super weapon comes. Equip your self with a Sniper Rifle.
Keep it zoomed. Go slowly towards the door. When it opens take care of
the Elite fast. The look towards the Banshee. A red Elite will appear.
Take him out. Kill all the grunts and get on the Banshee. Fly to the
structure and walla, Instant axcess to the control room. It will save
time. That is if you are in a hurry to get to next level. Then again
doing this will save you time fighting enemies and going through the
chasms and will give you a chance of getting to a Banshee much faster.


In multiplayer, on Gephyrophobia, if you take a banshee, and fall
to the floor, take out a fuel rod gun and shoot downwards just as
you get out of the banshee. If done correctly, you should unlock a
cheat profile, and from there, just play the cheat level after
'the maw' to get cheats. THIS IS SO UNOFFICIAL!!!

Killing flugs:

Flugs can be killed easy with a chotgun.
Some flugs swell up and explode to give away a horde of enoying
little thingies.
When you shoot one of these swelling flugs they also take oout
there fellow mates when they are close enoug (saves a lot of bullets)

Sometimes you can take out an entire horde of these flogs with one
shot (if yoour lucky)

When following the floting sentinal 5the one with the ennoying lauch),
you'll meet up hordes of flogs who can be very lethal.
Some hordes keep reappearing at the same spot when you retrait a bit
to have more fighting space, so you get a sort of mexican standoff.
You kill tehm and lose your health, they keep reapperaing. When facing
this, just run forward take out a couple and shoot the remaining that
follow you a bit further.
Your assault weapon is exellent angaisnt the tiny suckers, use the
shotgun against the bigger ones.


type in 11mar and you get 11marines and they have shotguns and full
ammo with the shotgun.


On the Campaign mission 'Two Betrayls' When going down from the control
room you will see that the walls are a bit slanting. So if you want to
get to the bottom really fast try sliding on it. Just remember keep
pushing towards the wall, you don't wanna die just for nothing do ya.
And who in the name of God wrote that cheat about Gephyrophobia, take
my word it DOESN'T work.


If you want to see a real fight between the Covenant and The Flood, go
towards the flood. If they don't come towards you draw their attention.
Lure them to where the Covenant are, then get away and enjoy the action.
This is more Helpful in the harder levels and works mostly in the level Keyes.

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