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Gryriffindor Ties And Clothing Differences:

When you talk to other students, look at their ties. Everyone has a Gryriffindor tie,
with the exception of Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle (whom have different ones). Also,
there are only two people with their shirts out, which are Ron and Seamus, and
with either Crabbe or Goyle, only one has a school jumper on.

Defeating Hinkypunks:

You will first come in contact with Hinkypunks on the same level with the Goul.
Hunkypunks are ghost-like creatures with one foot and a lantern. To defeat them,
have Ron shine Lumos Duo in their faces. When they become solid and zombie-like, finish them off with Flipendo.

Defeating The Goul:

On the 'Neville And The Goul' level, after you have completed all of the tasks and
have opened the chamber, light Lumos Duo in its eyes. Then, lead it into the chamber to lock it in.

Defeating The Metal Armor:

He will try to spin around to attack you. You must dodge it, and when he stops, use the spell that grabs things. You must grab each of his four shields. When the shields hit the ground they will turn into monsters. Once you kill all four, he gets swords. He will stop spinning. Wait before you grab his head with the spell, because he will hit his swords on the ground. After he does this, grab his head and yank it off to defeat him.

Defeating The Fire Armor:

When fighting the fire armor thing when you just got Glacius, to avoid the shooting
fire rocks when he opens up, stay directly in the middle. You should be able to
avoid almost all of them. Start with Flipendo until he opens his mouth, then use
Glacius until he sort of explodes (this does not mean that he is defeated). One of
his arms will come off. Use Glacius to put out the fire, then use Flipendo to destroy
it. Repeat until he is defeated.

Character Special Abilities:

Each character (Harry, Ron, and Hermione) has a special ability. Use Ron to find hidden passages. Use harry to jump long gaps. Use Hermione to crawl under small spaces. This is useful when getting spellbooks or escaping Trolls and Prefects.

Harry's Dad's Voice:

When you get attacked by a Dementor and it is stealing your soul, listen closely. You will hear a male voice yell 'Lily! Its him run!' or 'Lily! Take Harry outta here!', which we can assume its his dad telling his mom to get Harry to safety the night Voldemort came and murdered them.

Getting Fairy Wings:

Have Hermione repair the dragon statue with Reparo. Then, shoot Draconifors at it to light the bush in which the fairies are hiding in. The fairies will get mad and attack you. Then, have Hermione shoot them with Flipendo then use Glacius on them while they are on the ground.

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