Heretic žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


The following cheat codes work everywhere except the 5th difficulty level.

IDDQD - Instant Death
IDKFA - No Weapons/Ammo
COCKADOODLEDOO - Turns yourself into a chicken
ENGAGExx - Level Warp (episode/map)
GIMMExx - Artifacts (a-j) (1-9) [d does not work]
A - Ring
B - Mask (Invisibility)
C - Potion
E - Tome of Power
F - Torch
G - Hour Glass (Time Bomb)
H - Eggs (Turn People into Chickens)
I - Golden Wings
J - Chaos device (warp to start of level)
KITTY - Toggle Clipping
MASSARE - Kills ALL monsters on level
PONCE - Full Health
QUICKEN - God Mode
RAMBO - All Weapons/Ammo
RAVMAP - Changes Map Mode [must be in map mode]
SHAZAM - Toggles Weapon Power
SKEL - All Skeleton Keys
TICKER - FPS Display

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