Impossible Creatures žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


Press [~] while playing, then type any of the following codes:

Code Result
cheat_coal(9999) - Add Coal
cheat_electricity(9999) - Add Electricity
cheat_buildings - Add Buildings


I got these cheats by looking through the Impossible Creatures files
using Find all files including 'cheat.' and opening those files with
a txt editor looking for anything that looks like a cheat next to that
string. This should work for other games too.

cheat_killself - Blowup all that you have
cheat_buildings - No building restrictions
cheat_rank - ??? (Likely a campaign cheat)
cheat_coal(#) - Gain # coal
cheat electricity(#) - Gain # electricity.

Cheat mode:

After training a creature with digging abilities,
put it to dig. Then press Esc and save the game. After that, load the
previous saved game. The creature will turn invisible and will be able to
atack too, not like camouflaged creatures, that can't fight while going
unseen. Pretty cool, huh?


The level with the volcano is very hard. The easyest strategy is the

Survive untill you can build a creature with musky ox body and cameleon
tail. Be sure your creature will have a cameleon head and a tongue attack
(Just like Lickytung, from Pokemon, don't you think?)! After you have a
giant number of creatures, destroy the enemy buildings. Then a scardy-cat of
a henchman will give you his girocopter. Put the creatures back in your
base. Hmm... it seems that the enemy is sending creatures through a tunnel
in the water! scout the area with the girocopter and find the chamber. In
the meantime, put your Lickitung-like creatures to guard the base. Use your
girocopter to build a Creature Chamber on the enemy's part o the island. Use
the 'Lickitungs' (Train them in the new chamber) and destroy the water
chamber. while they fight, train more 'Lickitungs' untill you have a whole
lot. But when you come back... Those idiotic henchmen destroyed my
chamber!!! Worthless worms!!! Don't worry! you have enough creatures to beat
the stuffing out of em'! Go to their last base and take them down!

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