Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Outcast žaidimo kodai

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To enable cheats, while playing a game, bring down
the console with [Shift + ~] and type: 'devmapall'
(or alternately 'helpusobi 1'). You can then enter
any of the following codes in the console:

Single Player:

HelpUsObi 1 - Enables cheats
god - God mode
noclip - Walk through walls
no target - Enemy AI disabled
kill - Kill yourself
give all - All weapons, max stats
give health - Full health
give armor - Full armor
give ammo - Full ammo
give [item] [#] - Spawn indicated amount of item
give weaponnum [1-?] - Give you the weapon with that #
where - Tells you where an entity is
victory - Plays a sound
drive_atst - Drive an ATST
npc spawn [character] - Spawns a character
npc kill all - Kills all npcs on the level
setforceall [1,2,3] - Sets force powers to that level
give X # - Give Item X (# = amount)
map X - Jump to Level X (See List Below)


devmap [mapname] - Enables cheats on given map
/THEDESTROYER - Gives you doubled bladed sabre

The rest of the codes for multiplayer are exactly the
same as those for single player. You just have to use
devmap [mapname] to activate them.

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