Joan of Arc - Wars & Warriors žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

> Kodai:

Žaidimo pagrindiniame meniu parašyk 'coronation'. Turėtumėt išgirsti kažkokį garsą.

Tada žaidimo metu paspauskite [Shift] + [~] ir konsolėje veskite kodus:

invincible 1 god mode
unit_level_up X where X is the desired level from 2 to 30
unit_add_str X plus X strength points
unit_add_dex X plus X dexterity points
unit_add_lea X plus X leadership points
unit_add_def X plus X defence points
unit_add_gold X plus X gold coins

More Money:

When you are at the main menu type in 'moneylove' then when you start playing you will have 10,000$.

> Patarimai:

More Men:

When in level five if you ever lose any of your troops with you while fighting then go to Orleans city [the castle where you start] and go to the barracks and you can recruit troops for yourself the price for the troops are as follow

- Light infantry unit $150
- Heavy infantry unit $200
- Maceman unit $200
- Poleman unit $200
- archer unit $200
- crossbowman unit $250


To punch enemies, take your weapon out of the weapon slot and put it into your personal inventory. Now instead of hitting the the enemy with your sword, you will have to use your fists. Punching does the same amount of damage to the enemy as your sword does.

Energy Attack:

When your any commander [joan of ark, la hire, jean de metez, charles Vll, duke of Orleans, Duke of Alencon] grows to level 20, then for three combo points he/she can learn the energy attack which is very powerful in any situation.

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