MechCommander Gold - Desperate Measures žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

To use these cheats, you have to first create a file
in the Desperate Measures directory (where you installed)
called: ixtlriimceourl (there is no file extension for this
file) by making a copy of and renaming it.
This is the secret file needed to enable the cheats.

Gameplay Cheats-These cheats must be typed in during
the mission.

CTRL - LCharts the map
CTRL-ALT-W - Win mission
deadeye - Gunnery skills increase dramatically
framegraph - Show the framerate
lordbunny-Press b and left - click to Nuke
lorrie - Repair Damaged Parts/Damaged Weapons
mineeyeshaveseentheglory - Reveal the Map
osmium - Toggle god mode on/off
Logistics Cheats - These cheats must be typed in during the Logistics Phase.
poundofflesh - Adds 1,000,000 Resource Points.
rockandrollpeople - Removes Drop Weight Limit on current mission


This is not a game of brute force. Look for a sneaky way to
gain an objective. For example, don't take out the enemy
missile turrets; take out their power supply.

Use the targeting hot keys. Rather than barrage the enemy mech with a series of randomly aimed shots, aim for the legs or head. Remember, the cleaner the kill, the more salvage there is available.

Rest your MechWarriors. Give your pilots a break. Once they are injured you should rest them for a mission or two.

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