Medal of Honor - Allied Assault žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


Edit the shortcut to the game so it reads the following:
'C:LOCATION OF GAME\mohaa.exe' +set ui_console 1
+set cheats 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1

When in the game press ~ to display the console window.
Put in one of the following cheats.

wuss - Gives player all weapons
dog - God Mode
fullheald - Heal player
notarget - Removes target
noclip - No clipping
listinventory - List of the player's inventory
tele x y z - Teleport to location
coord - Prints out current location and angles
health - set current health
kill - Kills the player
giveweapon weapons/'weapon_name'.tik - Gives the player the specified weapon

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