Murloc RPG žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


dragoonfaa - turns u into a dragonfly
instant70 - gets u to instant 70
instant60 - gets u to instant 60
KILL - allows u to 1hit kill
aka - allows u to have 5000000
allow - allows u to do ANYTHING
disallow - makes u not able to do anything
kill60 - makes u able to kill a level 60 no wep


Harpy - Rare Spawn:

While attacking a tiger or gorilla in STV, you might instead fight a harpy. Be sure to kill it without it taking a turn or else it might run away. It drops Benediction, a + to intellect staff that sells for around 4 gold.

Freeing Falthir:

Simply buy a goblin dynamite from the goblin vendor near the Eleywn Forest transporter and use it(press spacebar) at the cage to blow the cage up and
free Falthir, you'll find Falthir and he's Brother at the middle of STV after you free him.

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