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Town rank rewards:

Attain the indicated town rank to be able to earn the item:

Crowbar - One star.
Saw - Two stars.
Pick Axe - Three stars.
Blow Torch - Four stars.
Town Monument Blueprint - Five stars.


Attain 100% of the indicated interest in your town to unlock the corresponding Sim. A message stating that a special guest will be waiting for you in the hotel will appear.
Go there the next day to find that person.

Amazing Daryl - 100% Fun.
Chancellor Ikara - 100% Tasty.
Hopper - 100% Cute.
Mel - 100% Spooky.
Samurai Bob - 100% Studious.
Star - 100% Geeky.


When you are decorating Elmira's library, one decoration will be a bust of Mayor Helen, who is the mayor in the DS version.

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