Neverwinter Nights - Kingmaker žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs


Žaidimo metu paspauskite ~ ir konsolėje įveskite 'DebugMode 1', kad aktyvuotumėte kodų režimą.

Tada konsolėje galėsite įveskite sekančius kodus:
Pastaba: [X - yra skaičius]

SetCHA X - Sets your Charisma
SetSTR X - Sets your Strength
SetINT X - Sets your Intelligence
SetWIS X - Sets your Wisdom
SetCON X - Sets your Constitution
dm_givegold X - Gives the X amount of gold to you
GetLevel X - Raises you an additional X amount of levels
dm_god - Makes you invulneralble
dm_heal - Full health
GiveXP # - Give # amount of experience points
SetDEX x - Set Dexterity attribute
dm_givelevel x - Set character level
dm_mylittlepony - Ride a hobby horse
dm_cowsfromhell - Killer flying cows
ModSaveFort - Set character's fortitude save modifier
ModSaveReflex - Set character's reflex save modifier
ModSaveWill - Set character's will save modifier
ModSpellResistance x - Set character's spell resistance modifier
SetAge x - Set character's age
SetAttackBase x - Set character's base attack
SetAppearance race - Change character's race (human, elf, etc.)

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