Star Wars - Battle For Naboo žaidimo kodai

Primary tabs

Press backspace and type;
BULLS EYE - this will perfect your aim


Go to Options/Passcodes and use the codes from the
list (you will hear a short click if cheat was accepted).

JHGNRGAS - Access All Levels
FMRYLDAD - Dark Side Level
EOWXZGAS - Team Photo
DIWMZIAR - Show Credits
HRDTOKIL - Advanced Shields
LFZWKXAA - Unlimited Lives
XFIIYBAY - SwampSpeeder
JOBXXFAI - Art Gallery
RECTVBAH - Concert Hall
CXSJMIAA - Single Shot Kills
ABVUSEAY - Heat Seek Function (Use Secondary Fire)
NASTYMDE - Harder Mode

one hit and you are dead - CXSJMIAA
swamp speeder - XFIIYBAY
(only works on sertian levels)
sith infiltrator - FRBPTDAY
(only works on sertain levels)
aat tank - RQORACAQ
(only works on sertain levels)
heat secer missiles - ABVUSEAY
concert hall - RECTVBAH
art gallery - JOBXXFAI
(both concert and art are in a show room
menu in the options menu)
double your secondary weapon - UYCZNCAX
infinate lives per level - LFZWKXAA
all naboo type craft unlock - NIZWAGAO
(does not unlock the aat or infiltrator)
unlock levels no bonus - GPAYQWAJ
view credits - DIWMZIAR
development group - EOWXZGAS
dark side bonus level - FMRYLDAD
all levels + infiltrator bonus - JHGNRGAS

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