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To teleport you must be in the island. Next you make someone go into a hole all the way agenst the left of the hole. The hole is to the right. Throw a grenade nere youselve. You teleport. You can also do this with grenades.

Instent k.o.:

To instent ko you must be in the junkyard. Go to the left up the stairs and on to the third red platform. Go right and jump over the hole. Then go past the stone to the hole before the levatating platform. Fall off and you die.

More weapons:

You can get more weapons but you have to get a gold afro ninja face at the challenges the guns are a lazer gun thats a 1 hit kill the other one is a grenade that almost blows the entire field up and if you woundring how do i know i got the new guns ok this dude is lying you would have 2 make a bot 2 do it so.

The Pit's Special feature:

Go to 'The pit' for a fight and it is possible to stand on the spikes.
This is very useful to dodge a few attacks and can save your life if someone doesn't know about this feature and attempts to kick you off the floating rocks. You can land on a spike and make a comeback However be careful not to fall off or you are most likely SCREWED because there are millions of INSTA - PWN holes around teh spikes.

To control your oponets people:

Press shift and move the arrow keys while it is your opponets turn.
1-8 you can open weapons to kill it self.

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